Process automation for hotels and venues.
More revenue. Faster. Less expensive.

Save time and cost of distribution through automation. Big time.

Our webservice "Distribute" empowers hotels and venues to synchronize inventory, pricing, booking and customer data across RFP portals and over +400 business apps. In real time. No more manual data entry.

Increase response rate, decrease  response time across RFP channels.

Our webservice "Collect" empowers hotels and venues to consolidate meeting and group RFPs. Across portals. Globally. In real time. Visualize all RFPs in one single interface and don´t miss any incoming request anymore.

Increase conversion rate by focussing on what really matters.

Our webservice "Score" is an AI powered lead scoring service for hotels and venues. It predicts revenue and conversion rate for incoming meeting and group RFPs in real time. Focus on what really drives business.

Increase occupancy, ADR and RevPAM with smarter pricing.

"Bid" is our AI powered price-rule engine that empowers hotels and venues to auto-bid on RFPs across meeting booking engines. Globally, in real time. Out-bid your competition with smarter pricing to increase occupancy and TRev.


We understand travel tech and hospitality. Because we do nothing else.

We are an interdisciplinary team with 150 years of cumulative professional experience in travel tech.

Andreas Kroll

Architect / Backend Development

Christian Graf von Kanitz-Kopsch

Co-Founder & Product Management

Claudia Budianu

UX / Frontend Development

Robin Schmidt

Full Stack Development

Ferdi Güllübag

Co-Founder & Quality Assurance

Ingmar von Fintel

Full Stack Development

Michael Liebscher

Co-Founder & IT Operations


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